Iced Coffee Like a Man - won a Vimeo Weekend Challenge and is one of my personal favorite projects

Yams Bond - came out of a simple misspronounciation but it stuck in my head and I made a film and a short lived instagram about it

ROYGBV - is another video created for a Vimeo Weekend Challenge For this video I reused the water tank originally used on Mystics

Flash//Light - was also created for a Vimeo Weekend Challenge It was made very close to the deadline during a sleepless night

LOMOKINO I - was created with the name giving Lomokino camera in which regular stills film is used to make wide aspect handcranked films


Who is Don Draper - was created out of an obsession with Mad Men and to gear myself up for the final season of the show

Time has Changed - was created for the 10th anniversary of ASVP a skateboarding collective in Austria