Ninja & Vital Senses - Divine Patterns

We were really excited to team up with Valentin and have this video made for us
- Chris Malpass (Ninja)

Music Video Created for Ninja & Vital Senses

Originally this video was made for a contest on for a completely different artist. While we finished 2nd in the competition it did not become the official video so it became part of their marketplace where other artists can choose already finished projects to be adapted to their needs. Chris Reached out to me and asked if we could reedit the video to one of his songs. The version he send was a club mix that was around 12 minutes long, so I told him as long as the video mix is around 3 minutes we can make it work.

Directed and filmed Valentin Farkasch, Co-Director: Neal Todnem
Scientist: Martin Pfefferkorn // Test Subject: Ben Leasure // Street Artist: Michael Jefferson
Assistant Camera: Samantha Pyra // Production Design: Rocio Gimnez // Wardrobe: Elizabeth Warden
Editor: Erick Fix
a Twenty One Media Production


The Lab

Production Designer Rocio turned Neal's apartment into a mad scientist lab overnight and it was just perfect


Snorri cam

While we shot the majority of the video on a Red One the snorri cam had to be a Canon. That really allowed Ben to run around like normal