Night Job

NIGHT JOB is a fun movie. Just a straight up fun to watch movie

It's his first night on the job, James, a temp doorman, has several run-ins with residents, bootleggers, and con-men.

Jason is a real live doorman but he is also a very passionate filmmaker and after going to a union meeting of around 400 doormen who told stories of the crazy things that happen in lobbies all over Manhattan he needed to make a movie about it. His plan was ambitious and a little bit crazy but most good ideas are.

Directed by Jason Antonio
Cinematography by Valentin Farkasch
Starring: Jason Torres


Camera Set Up

This movie was filmed on a very basic set up; a Blackmagic Cinema Camera and a Canon 17-40mm. No bells, No whistles... Sometimes that is all you need.



Director Jason Antonio had an ambitious plan but AD Liri Asllani kept us on schedule while filming in an active residential lobby