180° Virvar - Mystics

We gave Valentin total creative freedom and he delivered a video that exceeded any of our expectations.
- Anders Guldberg

Music Video Created for 180°Virvar

Anders and I met each other over a post on vimeo and I found out that he wanted to make a video for every song on their album. I listened to the tracks and eventually settled on Mystics to be my choice. I told him roughly what I wanted to do and he completely trusted me to make what I had in mind. After a couple of days playing with water, ink and creating landscapes I only had to film a actual person in front of a green screen. The problem was to find a green screen and a treadmill in the same place on a budget but we found just that in Jon Carr's Basement. After a day of filming there it just all had to be composed together in after effects.

Directed, filmed and edited by Valentin Farkasch
Runner: Rob Ceriello
Assistant Camera: Samantha Pyra // Gaffer: Neal Todnem
a Twenty One Media Production

Available on: Spotify - Soundcloud

Mystics has been nominated for multiple awards and won Best Music Video at FAM Fest



Rob and I worked together on a short film and he immediately reached out to me when I was looking for a runner.



After doing some initial tests in a water glass I went to my local pet store to pick up a cheap fish tank on which I rigged up a contraption to create beautiful inkscapes.