Duo W - Ghost & Flower

Valentin took a key part in making this video come to life. He supported us all the way and enriched the original concept with his unique visual style .
- Roderick Hill

Music Video Created for Duo W

Being a part of this project is still one of my favorite experiences. It came through a recommendation from my friend Mithun who knew I wanted to film music videos.
Rod, Caitlin and I met up where they showed me the concept and I was 100% on board from the get go. The biggest challenge on this project was time management since Meta and Arianna had very busy schedules so we had to film spread out over a week but once on set together everybody gave their best and made this vision come to life.  

Directed by Roderick Hill // Cinematographer: Valentin Farkasch
Assistant Camera: Garret Eckerson // Design: Caitlin Ward
a RomeArca Production



Out of all locations this one was the toughest. It was already a long day and we had to play the song here one more time but the cold air made it impossible to keep the instruments in tune.



I love how the the colors of the dress and the street art match creating a very powerful juxtaposition in this scene.