Date & Time

A young couple, awash in the glow of new found love, find their fragile bond tested as they go back in time
and find that memory is imperfect and they may not be who they thought they were.

As soon as Craig told me he wanted to make a movie about time travel I was all in.  He really surprised me with the speed we went into production. Despite a short pre-production phase everything lined up perfectly and while we had one very long day of filming we didn't make any compromises.

Directed by Craig Nobbs
Cinematography by Valentin Farkasch
Starring - Keith Nobbs // Tawny Sorensen // Aidan Pierce Brennan // MiMi Ryder

Date & Time
Won Audience Choice at the Indie Works - June 2017


Wide Angle

One of the key shots for me were the high-wide angle views to establish a new location.
We used the Sony a6300 with a Nikon 20mm for it. with it's small form factorwe could get wide shots even in the tiniest spaces.


One Take shots

Another key feature was to have these long uninterrupted takes with movement which is always a challenge for everyone but especially sound but Mielle Ezra is an amazing sound recordist who always gets the job done.