AGRtist Monthly Short Film Challenge

Trailer for Vigilantes - a short film made as an Actors Green Room Project

AGRTist is a community of Actors who form teams every month to make short films with in a 72h period. I was first introduced to it by Diana Suko and have been part of 4 films so far.

Directed by Alexa Mercado
Cinematography by Valentin Farkasch
Starring: C. Hope Belmont, Gillien Goll, Angela Gunn, Michele Lyman, Alexa Mercado,  Tasos Bishop

Vigilantes has played at multiple festivals and won Best Short film at Barcelona Planet Film Festival



This was the initial AGRTist project I got involved in. Like most of them it involved a big cast and a small crew but staying in one location made our day work.



After filming under the hot sun for a couple hours we moved to a creepy basement.
Can you spot the camera in this image?